Sunday in New York

Sunday in New York

A year and a half after her breakup with Russ, Eileen is still on the verge of breaking down. She travels to New York to see her brother, Adam, who works as a pilot for an airline. Eileen confides in her brother that she believes she may be the last remaining 22-year-old virgin on the face of the planet. Adam assures her that sex is not something that all guys are interested in and that he has not been sleeping around. Adam, of course, is deluding himself, and he is hot on the trail of his occasional lover, Mona, who he has been seeing. Adam's date with Mona, on the other hand, is marred by a series of interruptions caused by his employment. Meanwhile, Eileen decides to visit New York to see if she can find some fun for herself, and she appears to have found the ideal candidate in Mike, a man she meets on the bus and falls in love with. However, things become more complicated when Russ enters the picture with a proposal and a faulty assumption.

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