Kiss Me

Kiss Me

Taliw is really just a cute awkward girl who has a crush on a genius, Tenten, also a student with an IQ of 200. Tenten has only came back with his loved ones from Japan. How will Taliw handle her feelings involving Tenten? Sometimes, he treats her and cares about her. And sometimes he embarrasses and teases her in front of their peers. Can it be bad luck or Taliw chance which their parents are close friends? Is it bad luck or good luck which the house of Taliw was destroyed leaving her forced to move in with Tenten? Her good friend King dropped for her and is now trying his very best to take her heart although taliw just includes feelings for Tenten. Taliw has a love-rival, Namkang, also a girl who's taller and more glowing. Namkang seems to be the perfect person for Tenten. What Taliw can do with this circumstance?

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