Tokyo Vampire Hotel

Tokyo Vampire Hotel

On his 22nd birthday, Manni is confronted with mass murder in a pub. K of the Dracula tribe and Yamada of the Neo Vampire tribe of the Corbin tribe are after the individuals that fled for their lives from the Izakaya. Manami was the Dracula clan's savior, according to legend. Manami is about to be captured by K, and they are taken to the Yamada of the Corvin of Anti-Dracula, where they are imprisoned in the Tokyo Vampire Hotel, also known as Hotel Requiem, which is known for its anti-people activities. And utilizing this hotel, the Korbin tribes had devised a deadly scheme. The idea is to gather a big number of human young men and women, inform them about the impending end of the world, allow them to choose to live in this powerful shelter hotel, and secure food (human blood) for the rest of my life. What exactly is K's purpose? What happened to Manami? And so the war between humanity and vampires and Neo-vampires begins.
Duration: 40 min
Country: Japan
Production: Nikkatsu Corporation

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