Wild Republic

Wild Republic

A young population of dangerous offenders is currently participating in an immersive educational program designed to rehabilitate them while they are immersed in the inhospitable environment at the base of the Alps. An employee of the program is found dead in a suspicious manner out of the blue. There is much confusion regarding what took place, and the young people must make a difficult choice. Should they hold off until the authorities find the body and finish their investigation into the homicide? Or, should they go away and decide their own fate for themselves? The members of the group have very few characteristics, but there is one thing that binds them together: they have all had particularly negative interactions with the authorities in the past, and as a result, they do not anticipate being treated properly in the future. They have just one choice left, which is to flee, as they are unable to identify the person who committed the crime. Onward and upward, to the highest peaks that the Alps have to offer. It appears like there is no way out for them, but then they come across a network of caves where they may take refuge from the wind, the rain, and their pursuit.

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